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This site: (www.clarkcemetery.org) is the Official Clark Cemetery Association Site dedicated to the memory, preservation and history of our family members interred at Clark Cemetery in Parker County, Texas.

Its companion site, Clark Cemetery Association History Site (www.clarkcemeteryhistory.org) makes the memory of ancestors and pioneers of the area vivid through photos, biographical sketches, and stories. See the history pages on this site and links to biographical sketches of founding pioneers under History>Early Ancestors above. A brief history of Clark Cemetery is provided on this site. See highlights of the Marker Celebration too.

A Texas Historic Cemetery, Clark Cemetery was officially declared an historic cemetery in Texas by the Texas Historical Commission (THC) on February 16, 2011 and its Official Dedication from THC was recorded in the same month. The THC and the Clark Cemetery Association, along with members and guests, celebrated its Historic Marker Dedication on October 12, 2013.

You can view a gallery of photos and videos of the Dedication Ceremony and the Clark Cemetery Association Annual Meetings on our photos and videos.

You can find directions to Clark Cemetery under the Find Clark tab and information about our Association at the About Clark tab. Our official By-Laws are on the By-Laws tab. You will find information on Trustees at the About Clark tab under Association on the drop down. This site was put together explicitly for our family members because this is a private cemetery of those family members who are all descendants of the pioneers who helped tame and settle Parker County.

On this site, you will find the interment listings (click on the Interments tab above) at the cemetery.

Also on this site you will find Plot Space and Burial Plot Reservation Forms under the Plots tab. You can download or printout the forms from the respective drop down form listing.

Under our History tab, you will find information on the Historic Cemetery Dedication Ceremony, a History of Clark Cemetery, Early Ancestor Biographies biographical links, Family Names and their origin and meanings, and War Veterans links. You can also go to our history site to read Family Stories written by our members.

On the Memorials tab, you will find special memorials for those family members who have been provided with biographical histories from their family descendants and requested. These include Charles Morris, and the Cumming Brothers, Charles Morris a veteran of World War II. Herbert and Bob Cumming having given their lives in World War II in 1943 and 1944 while serving in the U. S. Army Air Core and who have posthumous memorials on the entrance pillars to Clark Cemetery. Herbert was missing in action so his name is inscribed on the Ardennes American Cemetery Wall of the Missing in Neupré, Liege, Belgium. Bob is buried in Cambridge, England.

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Keep checking back often as there are more changes coming!  Sign in and watch our Facebook Group site for fast breaking news and for notices of articles posted on our History Site. This is a work in progress and we will keep you updated on the latest changes and additions. Keep reading our newsletters to stay in touch with what’s going on. Keep your email address updated by contacting us if it changes or entering the new address on the subscription form. If you missed a newsletter, you can read it afterwards by clicking on the Newsletters tab drop down  to select the last quarterly newsletter to read it online.

Hope to see you at our Annual Cemetery Association meeting at the cemetery always held on  the 4th Saturday in April at the cemetery Pavilion. If weather becomes inclement, we meet at Friendship Baptist Church two miles from the cemetery.

Don’t forget to donate either before or at the next Annual Meeting in April. You can donate online as well. Just click the Donate button and enter your information.