IMG_0351A Private Burial Ground

Clark Cemetery is a private, extended family place of burial and memorial. Everyone who is a part of the Clark Cemetery Association is related either through blood or marriage. In order to have a plot at Clark Cemetery, you must have a family connection to an ancestor buried at Clark Cemetery. Clark Cemetery receives no municipal, county, state, or federal funding to maintain its grounds — only private donations from its Association members who are all family, connecting through lineage to those who established the cemetery over 150 years ago. Clark Cemetery has remained in the same place without interruption throughout history — through hard times and good times, through wars and times of upheaval — and its families seek to preserve and protect the grounds and the heritage that is Clark Cemetery. See History and see Plots>Forms (Plot Space Reservation or Burial Plot) to see the rules governing burials at Clark Cemetery that are written into the By-Laws of the Association.