Clark Cemetery Association

In 1945, the Clark Cemetery Association was formed. It elected a group of trustees to collect funds and cared for the cemetery. The first trustees were W. H. “Buddy” Clark, Troy Clark, Jim Ruland, and Fred Sharpe. They established a formal endowment fund in the late 1940s.

Governed by a set of formal By-Laws, today the Association has a group of elected Trustees carrying on that tradition. The Association represents all of our families by conducting regular meetings and an Annual meeting in April. Families receive a summary of the year’s activities, a Treasurer’s Report and vote on any proposed changes or actions.

The current Trustees include President Wayne Clark, Secretary Sheila Woody, Treasurer Melvin Woody, Kimberly (Woody) Boretsky, Ronnie Clark, Sam Cotter, Dave Cumming, Kenny Ruland, and Duard Ruland.