Annual Meeting — A Gathering of the Clans

Every year on the fourth Saturday in April the families of the Clark Cemetery Association gather at Clark Cemetery.

See Pictures and Videos  . . . On Our Albums Site . . .

We now have posted pictures and videos on our Clark Cemetery Annual Meeting Albums site. Here we post videos of the meeting. Check it out.

Coming to the Annual Meetings is important to each and every family member because, at the Annual Meeting you can:

  • Hear updates of meetings held by the Trustees and Board of Directors
  • Hear a reading of all Meeting Minutes
  • Hear a reading of the Treasurer’s Report
  • Propose improvements or renovations
  • Vote on proposed improvements or renovations
  • Hear about committee meetings, including those of Ad Hoc Committees
  • Hear a memorial for the previous year
  • Hear an inspirational message
  • Donate to the Association
  • Socialize with family, extended family, and friends
  • Share in food and entertainment

We also have special meetings from time to time as called for by the Board of Directors.

You can subscribe to our quarterly newsletter. You can request to be included in our Secure Facebook Group where you can log in to share family information, history, your thoughts or concerns, suggestions, ideas, and more.
It’s another way for us to share and connect as families who have ancestors or family connections to Clark Cemetery and Northeastern Parker County.

See our newsletters for highlights of our annual meetings.