Informal Volunteering

Every year many of our families volunteer their time to help improve and beautify the grounds of Clark Cemetery. This could include simple mowing and cleanup to special restoration projects.

Ad Hoc Committee

On April 24, 2010, the Clark Cemetery Association Ad Hoc Committee was formed to undertake several important projects to further the cause of preserving Clark Cemetery for future generations. At that time, initiatives were instituted to obtain formal recognition from the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (13) non-profit cemetery association, formalizing the tax-deductible nature of contributions by its members. The Association became a 501 (c) (13) non-profit cemetery association in September 2011.

Texas Historical Designation

It also began pursuing and obtained a Texas State Historical Cemetery Designation from the Texas Historical Commission (THC). The Designation was received in February 2011. The Association recently applied for a THC marker and all of its historical information was accepted by THC and the Parker County Historical Society. The Clark Cemetery Texas  Historic Cemetery Marker was received and installed and a Dedication Ceremony was held at the Cemetery for the proclamation and nnveiling of the marker on October 12, 2013. See Historic Marker.

Other and Continuing Projects

Other efforts have included finding unmarked graves, marking them with permanent stone markers, creating a grid of the cemetery grounds, marking off quadrants and installing steel alphanumeric identifiers, creating a high-resolution aerial image grid plot map, completing a comprehensive graves list with updates in birth/death dates, recording headstone information from nearly unreadable engravings, restoring broken or misplaced headstones, working on historical and genealogical information on family members, working on updating a search enabled database of graves with a key to the grid plot map, improving the pavilion and other permanent fixtures, maintaining the  plot map display case, maintaining and developing our Internet presence with websites, maintaining a weblog (blog), linking and maintaining our Facebook group site.