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Texas Historic Cemetery Marker


Marking Over 160 Years of Texas History (see videos)
on Grounds that Became an important community site in Parker County . . .

THC Clark Cemetery Historic Marker

Texas Historic Clark Cemetery Marker





On a beautiful fall afternoon, the 12th day of October 2013, an Official Texas Historic Cemetery Marker Dedication Ceremony was held at Clark Cemetery. The Clark Cemetery historic marker was formally dedicated by the Texas Historical Commission and the Clark Cemetery Association. The Clark Cemetery Historical Marker stands prominently behind and between the arched steel and stone columned entrance. Chronicled on the large cast aluminum historic marker are the nearly two centuries of Clark Cemetery interment history ― spanning the 19th and 20th centuries, and, now, into the 21st century!

Beginning with the pioneer settlers in the early 1800’s,  (graves identified using 21st century technology) to the establishment of Godfrey’s Chapel Methodist Church located on the original grounds, and highlighted by the grave sites of former members of the various military services, Clark Cemetery today stands as a unique landmark in the history of Parker County. The historic cemetery marker shall forever remind present day and future ancestors of the tenacious fortitude of the first settlers who braved great hardship to forge a community.

Jean McAnally Morris-KimberlyBoretsky-Judge Riley

Before unveiling the marker, Jean (McAnally) Morris (left) spoke about the early days in the community and about Clark Cemetery as she was growing up on the Parker County prairie near it as Parker County Judge Mark Riley and Clark Cemetery Association Trustee Kimberly (Woody) Boretsky stand by.

Jean (McAnally) Morris, the great-grandniece of the pastor of Godfreys Chapel Methodist Church, one of the earliest churches in the county, said she has had family in the area since the 1850s. Morris, 92, said she remembered attending services in the church in a covered wagon. Before unveiling the marker, Morris said she was very proud of the cemetery, its marker and everything they stood for.

State and local officials presented proclamations honoring the day. Parker County Judge Mark Riley said honoring historical sites around the area is important to the future of the county.

“It’s important for all of us to share the heritage of the county and the towns in the county to everyone, especially our children and grandchildren,” Riley said.

Kimberly Boretsky Speaks About Marker

Trustee Kimberly (Woody) Boretsky read the text of the Clark Cemetery Historic Marker. Kimberly prepared the history, worked closely with the Texas Historical Commission and Parker County Historical Commission Chairman Harold Lawrence. Judge Riley(left) and Trustee Sam Cotter look on.

Jean McAnally Morris Unveils Marker

Jean (McAnally) Morris unveils the Clark Cemetery Historic Marker as Trustee Sheila Woody (left), Kimberly (Woody) Boretsky (right), and Parker County Judge Mark Riley (far right) look on.

Trustee Sam Cotter closed the dedication with the singing of a hymn and a prayer remembrance of all those who are a part of the community and Clark Cemetery heritage and the families of those interred at Clark Cemetery.