A  Tribute to Departed Veterans of Life

Here we want to pay homage in memorials to those who have gone before us and buried at Clark Cemetery — family members and loved ones — whether war hero or heros to 0ur community. Everyone has a story, often filled with courage and compassion; humility and humor; joy and sorrow — we are all “veterans of life” — whose time and presence matters greatly to us all. We want to memorialize all but time and space does not permit us. So, we will, from time-to-time, memorize those who have sacrificed for others — our veterans of all wars, persons who have given greatly to church and community, founders and fathers, teachers and mothers, civic and county leaders, and just plain folks who we want to remember.

We encourage our Clark Cemetery Association members to share information on their loved ones whom they want to memorialize with special memorials, stories or remembrances. This is where we want to pay homage and tell their stories. Do not hesitate to send us your request for a memorial.